Ostali zimski sportovi

       Postoji još mnogo zimskih sportova, koji nisu olimpijski, a koji su precizno definisani, i imaju svoje međunarodne federacije. 
       Stalno se pojavljuju se i novi zimski sportovi. Neki od njih će jednog dana verovatno postati i olimpijski.

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Ice climbing - Penjanje uz zaleđene stene

Ski bicikl (Ski bob)

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Sky Surfing

Heli Skiing


Ski karting

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Dog Sledding


Ski rodeo

Ice Forms - figure u ledu


Ice surfing - po zaleđenom jezeru


Zimski golf

Snow Bike



Međunarodna federacija paraolimpijskih igara.


WINTER X - Event Descriptions

Snowboarding: Big Air

Twenty-four men and 20 women will take to the course; one-by-one they will explode down the hill in an attempt to get as much air as possible. Getting up and going big is only half the battle. Once they are up, they have to pull their best trick and stick the landing as they come down. Easier said than done. Each rider will get 3 runs and will be ranked by their highest score and judged on the best combination of Amplitude (height), Execution (style, originality, variety), Difficulty and Landing.

Snowboarding: Slopestyle

Rails, picnic tables, mail boxes and a 60 foot gap were only a few of the obstacles riders faced when competing in the Slopestyle competition last year. By eliminating many of the flat spaces from the 1999 course, the 2000 course was a big improvement from that in Crested Butte, CO. For 2001, the incorporation of more new school elements like longer rails, more jib oriented obstacles and a steeper run mean the course design is expected to be more intense than ever.

Twenty-four men and 20 women will get three runs each to give it their all and grab the high score that will bring home the gold medal. Riders will be scored on Amplitude (height), Execution (style, originality, variety), Difficulty, Landings and use of the course.

Snowboarding: SuperPipe

With course designers building bigger and better halfpipes each year, riders are consistenly finding ways to pull off more technical, combination tricks. While tricks like the 900 are still rarities in the skateboard world, in snowboarding, inverted spins and double grabs are commonplace. Last year, the competition was fierce and there is no doubt that with an improved SuperPipe course for 2001, the riders will be stepping it up a notch and pulling out all the stops. Twenty-four men and 20 women will compete in a qualifying round with 2 runs each. The top 10 will advance to the final. In the Final Round, each rider will have 3 runs to put together their best combination of Amplitude (height), Execution (style, originality, variety), Difficulty and Landings.

Snowboarding: Snowboarder X

The Snowboarder X competition will feature 30 men and 30 women. In the Preliminary/Qualifying Round, each rider will race individually and the top 24 fastest riders will advance to the Final Round. The Final competition is bracketed; 6 riders will race down the hill, around and over insane obstacles and launch over a 60-foot gap to reach the finish line the fastest. Lide Skier X, the Snowboarder X rules allow for limited contact between racers. You'll be on the edge of your seat watching the racers pinned against one another, flying down the course at top speeds vying for the hole-shot that will win them the gold.

Skiing: Big Air

Twenty-one skiers compete against each other to see who can pull the biggest and most technical trick, yet still land on both skis. Some of the world's best will have you holding your breath as they defy gravity, and invert themselves in ways you would never imagine. Mid-air grabs, flips and spinning tricks the FAA will have to investigate, is just a little of what you will ses at this year's event. In the Preliminary Round, all 21 competitors have tow jumps to score their best. Skiers are ranked 1-21 and the top 8 will advance to the final. Each competitor in the Final Round will have 3 jumps to get up, pull their hardest trick, impress tje judges above and beyond the rest of the pack and attain the highest score. Competitors are judged on Amplitude (height), Execution (style, originality, variety), Difficulty and Landings.

Skiing: Skier X

The motocross of skiing, Skier X is not only a race for speed, but agility as well. Because unintentional contact is legal, anything can happen on the way down the hill. Thiry men and 18 women will cut up the course and set their sights on the finish line. In the Preliminary/Qualifying Round, each rider will race one skier at a time. The top 12 women and the top 24 men will advance to the Final Round. The Final competition is bracketed; 6 riders will race down the hill, looking over their shoulder, trying to get ahead of the next skier to reach the finish line the fastest. No judging, just all-out racing.

Snowboarding & Skiing: UltraCross

If ever there was a sport made for ABC's Wide World of Sports, UltraCross is it. UltraCross is a relay race that will team together a snowboarder with a skier on the Skier X course in a speed competition. The teams will be formed from the top 16 men's Snowboarder X finishers and the top 16 men's Skier X finishers. Teams are paired by random draw. In this 4-team relay race, the snowboarder team member will start the race and as soon as he crosses the finish line, the starting gate will open for the skier partner. A crowd favorite at last year's contest, organizers are expecting the event to be even more exciting this year.

Snowmobiling: SnoCross

While sometimes thought of as a new sport, SnoCross has actually been around for decades. Best described as a combination of two disciplines, oval track racing and cross-country competition, SnoCross is often considered NASCAR on the snow. Teh course design and layout is based on the concept of combining the two snowmobile disciplines, as well as allowing for spectators to be able to see a majority of the action taking place at all times. SnoCross begins with 32 racers each competing in 4 qualifying heats of 8 for an overall ranking. After the qualifying heats are completed, the top 16 riders advance to the Final Round. Once in the Final Round, the riders will be grouped into 2 heats of eight riders each and the top 4 will advance to the third and final heat, which will determine who will take the checkered flag.

Snowmobiling: HillCross

Similar to a Snowboarder X event, the HillCross competition sets 6 racers up against each other in a head-to-head race to see who can cross the finish line first. However, instead of going down the hill on a snowboard or skis, this event has the competitors racing up the hill on a sled. Tearing it up on the Skier X course, anything can happen as the racers try to reach the top at the fastest speed. An X Games first, this competition is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Winter X welcomes a whole new field of competitors who have qualified from various HillClimb events throughout the year. Twenty-six drivers will begin the race adn qualify down to 24. In a 6-man bracketed competition, the drivers will give it their all to reign king of the HillCross.

Moto X: Big Air

Moto X Big Air is unlike any other sport. Still in its infancy, but progressing at a rapid pace, it is a combination of huge air and tons of adrenaline. Similar to the Freestyle competition, the object is to go as big as humanly possible, pull a death-defying trick mid-air, and land with ease on the other side. Instead of having a course filled with multiple jumps and 60-foot transitions even Evil Kenivel would be impressed by, riders will have three attempts on a single jump. Ten riders will take their turn racing up the 15-foot ramp to launch over a 70-foot gap and pull off their best trick. Riders will be judged on Amplitude (height), Execution (style, originality, variety), Difficulty and Landings. Using a bag of aerial moves such as the Superman Seat-Grab, the Cliff Hanger and the Hart Attack, riders are guaranteed to leave you with your mouth wide open.